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Safety Concerns Cus Our Cats Are $$$


Savannah Super Cat
Most people say something along the lines of "Wow, that's an EXPENSIVE cat! You must have $$$$" I have a problem with that sort of judgmental attitude, suddenly I'm rich because I have a nice cat? So yeah, it's an issue, even though I agree with you, if that person drives a Mercedes and I drive a Honda, who are they to judge....

lol, that doesnt bother me. I used to work a fulltime minimum wage job, live on my own and did downhill mountain biking. people exclaim over the costs of that sport and think i have a lot of money. I tell them straight up i live on my own and work fulltime at a crappy job, and no im not some kid getting everything from the parents. People can say what they want, but only God can judge me.