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Savannah Cats and Friends - Part Deux


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Jarvis comes home:
Baby Jarvis 5 17 12.jpg
Jarvis does Yoga:
Jarvis the yoga kitty.jpg
Diablo turns 6 months old:
Diablo at 6 months.jpg
Diablo becomes a Certified Therapy Pet:
Diablo becomes a certified Therapy Pet 2013-05-08 16.42.04.jpg
Mickey's first night home:
Mickey first night home 2012-09-06 23.33.12.jpg
Mickey discovers the toy drawer:
Mickey discovers the toy drawer 2012-09-16 16.28.53.jpg
Mickey checks out the "fish"
Mickey on rug 1.jpg
Jarvis and Mickey share a chair for a nap:
nap time 2013-11-24 15.20.55.jpg
Mickey and D snuggle and nap:
Miceky and D cuddling.jpg


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A few more I found:
Akilah and Travis.jpg Asadi and Lily 2012 0809 01.JPG Asadi and Lily 2012 0809 03.JPG


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