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Savannah Cats are NOT Hypoallergenic

I assume the reason why people with cat allergies can love with Sphynx is that you must bathe them. You must maintain good grooming or else you have a nasty kitty lol. So even though you're allergic to the saliva, you aren't exposed to as much build up with a cat that is bathed or even wiped down weekly.

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Not hypoallergenic, but they sure don't shed like my mom's Mainecoon.
As someone who has/had Ragdolls (very, VERY similar to Maine Coon, and also "rumored" to have been bred to be hypoallergenic--with people even posting "proof" about diminished enzymes or proteins or something like that, but then from what I understand the original breeder was somewhat of a madwoman)...

One of my ragdolls shed very little. His hair rarely attached itself to clothing. Most* visitors did not report any trouble with allergies. I think his shedding was less than Duma's, but then he rarely needed grooming and Duma needs a good brushing now and again even though he hates it.

The other ragdoll sheds like hell's bells. There are floating tumbleweeds everywhere, and his fur sticks to everything, even leather. It is more likely allergic people will say something about allergens although I don't know for certain whether this is due to the hair they see floating about (yeah, it's icky) or what they physically feel.

Same type of cat. Different fur. YMMV.

Most* does not mean all.