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Sending the kitten overseas (to Russia).

So can we ship Savannah out as domestic cats?

Cities isn't too expensive but it takes a month to a few months to get the permit. There is also the USDA paperwork, and the visit from a Fish and Game inspector prior to the flight. Other types of cats don't need it. The fish and game inspector that I had to have come said "Yep, looks like a domestic cat to me!?"

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
No you cannot. A Savannah of any generation requires a Fish & Wildlife inspection even if past F4 generation (F5 or further) and not requiring a CITES permit.

Falsifying export documents saying it is only a domestic shorthair will only result in trouble for the cat. Confiscation on discovery. The scammers with the Ashera cats found that out, they tried that and the cats were taken at Schippol airport. They were not returned to either buyer or seller.