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Smitten with a kitten


Staff member
Glad to hear you found another kitten! he will never take Moggie's place, but there is always plenty of love to go around. They definitely help heal your heart! I love the video - he is adorable!

As for Ocelli - it is definitely hard to get with later gens...not something I worry about :)
Thanks for sharing a bit of my joy Paige. I wasn't really worried about oceli, just I loved Moggie's ears, and looking at kittens realized he somehow got lucky ...

But HB is beautiful, playful, super smart, considerate, affectionate but also independent, and pretty much perfect just as he is... And I think Moggie would be glad to see another kitten here. He always seemed like he wanted company.
Thanks for the good wishes, and for admiring my new baby/ teenager Patti.

Ninja-n-Bear, before Moggie, I had not had a cat for 10 years, and when that previous cat died at 15, for about 5 years I couldn't even look at a grey cat like him without starting to cry. Loosing a kitten is different than loosing an older cat. In some ways it feels a lot more wrong, and hurt worse, but for me it feels like kittens are still largely a part of the eternal universal kitten, and without all the history it is easier to see them looking at you through the eyes of another kitten. And I like to think Moggie's way too short life had a purpose in maybe setting things in motion for HB to end up here and have a better life here than he may have otherwise. Or so I hope....
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