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Spoiled Rotten


Savannah Super Cat
After buying another cat tree and mentioning building an enclosed deck and shelves for our cats to my sister she said I was nuts. I asked her how much money she spent on my nephews 6 game systems, 2 computers, 2 tvs, his 10th cellphone in 3 years, kindle fire, ipad, 6 quitars, not to mention all the sports she puts him into, and already working on a new car when he turns 16, which he just turned 15. She replied with I take that back, I'm the crazy one. hehe
That's just like my husband...he can spend alot of money on his kids and grand kids, but when I spend money on my cats it's world war 3!!!:p

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Don't start with me Rascal, I've got those baby stroller vids with the 3 cats. Mess around and with some quick editing it goes viral.
And the next thing you know, Chongo gets himself an app account at the apple store, on your dime. I have an inhouse ahhh specialist.......
I'm not the one enabling the cat. Hey, do you know if there is an app for Kindle Fire?


Savannah Super Cat
LOL I was going to ask if anyone else downloaded iPad apps for their cats! Mine loves the friskies fishing and laser app :) and her favorite colors seem to be teal and light blue...
Yes, and it didn't end well. I posted about Nysh and the paint for cats app. If I even mention it, my husband hides my iPad!