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Swing Shift Dino

John Popp

Site Supporter
Pella designer series windows, check!

Cree LED Downlights, check!

Doorless glass showers, check!

New fangled toilet, ummm I think I'll pass.

F3 boy, still on the list, really want to wait until I'm back home.


Site Supporter
To be honest John, we don't have any F1's here, just an F3, F4, and an F5, and we:
1. Needed to replace blinds with plantation shutters. This was Mickey. Kept getting his paw tangled in them, which kept resulting in us cutting the blinds.
2. Have no more lamps. All have been knocked over and smashed. Thankfully we have overhead lighting in all rooms. This was Mickey.
3. Can't keep shower curtains up. This is all D. He rips them down. We deal with this by keeping the bathroom door closed.

The only thing they have not done (yet) is mess with toilets or paper products.

Note that F3 Jarvis is not on the trouble list. Good choice with the F3 ;)


Site Supporter
That NikkiA has a mutant F3. Monte was pretty good as well, I can't remember him getting into trouble.
Jarvis really just wants to play and to snuggle. He isn't big into being petted or held, but he can play for hours and when he is not playing, in his ideal world he is snuggling.

Don't get me wrong though, he has his moments. Just fewer of them than Mickey and D. My only major complaints are (1) that he has a foot fetish, and (2) that he wants to destroy my couch, and is making good progress. And the couch I'm coming to terms with, but the constant licking of the toes drives me nuts.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Dino really loves to be held and Snuggled. He often gets annoyed when you try to set him down, not exactly on the F1 resume.

Oddly he was very reserved yesterday evening and behaved in the early morning. However, when I was awake he was really going for it and showed me a few leaps he must have been practicing. Top of refrigerator to floor at about 6' and outward about 8' is the norm. From the top of the kitchen cabinets at 8' to the floor 12' away was pretty amazing and made me gasp thinking about what he'll be pulling off a year from now.