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They never cease to amaze me...


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The ignorant people that is...

Read it and gag. Comment if you have the willpower to withstand the nausea from the nonsense.
It is my comment (Konstantin Gultsev - my sun's mail) This article is folly and nonsense!!! I have two Savannah’s cats F2 generation ( 29% of serval’s blood) . They are very gentle, kind and very, very clever! They are friends with my rabbit and Oriental cat and never tried to hurt them! My Savannahs eat the usual dry forage and canned food for normal cats. They use a normal cat's litter box and never mark territory, like a wild Serval. They are well behave in a veterinary clinic and all the doctors love, petting and stroking them. Savannahs is a unique cats and I admire them!