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Unsure of generation to purchase

SBT f1 etc.... I understand the different generations but am unsure of where to start. Price isn't really an issue. Under 10k...I realize they are pricey.

I have kids, dog(s) in the house. I want the kitten to bond with me mainly.

Then...male or female?

Do you pick the cat or does the cat pick you?

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It's a little bit of both...

I had a horrible time picking my first SV- I talked to about 2 dozen breeders, found a girl I really liked, but couldn't work my finances around her at the time (I was looking at taking out a small loan for that one girl- LOL).

Then I saw a pic of this F1 boy and I HAD to have him. And you know- he worked a lot better with my finances than the girl I was trying to force into my budget. I think he picked me and I picked him- personally.


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Could you elaborate on how to properly introduce your savannah to your dogs? Just in case I have a dog when I decide to get a savnnah.
Introducing a dog will be an individual thing, depending upon the breed and personality of the dog as well as the personality of the kitten, and whether either of them has been around the other species growing up. There was a thread posted here not too long ago discussing this, maybe you will find something useful in it:

As a rule, you want to make sure both dog and cat are protected from each other when they first meet (either the dog or cat crated) and see how they interact. If you have a screen door that you can put them on either side of to check each other out, that can work as well. Once you get to the place where they are in the same room unconfined make sure there is plenty of vertical space for the cat to escape to if he/she feels the need. Sometimes dogs just can't overcome their prey instinct - I had an Australian Shepherd that it took literally years of working with before he finally stopped chasing the cats at every opportunity, but in the end they were sleeping together on the bed at night.


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It seems like when my kittens come out into the regular household after their vaccinations, they are just naturally curious about our dogs, a Pomeranian and a Papillion. It begins by watching from a high surface. Then, a closer inspection when the dog is napping and unaware begins a familiarity process. It all culminates by play (targets ending in chase) or proximity ease or friendship.

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