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Trish Allearz

BEFORE I come back on here and read people saying, "This is a good thing- it prevents puppy mills/cattery mills"- this is the problems that were presented when this bill was introduced...

From the Scottish Terrier Club of America's site...

Here are some aspects of the rules that are problematic and must be addressed.
  • Physical visit rule. Each and every sale must include a physical visit by the purchaser to the breeder’s site.
    • Even one case where the purchaser does not physically visit the breeder’s facility will trigger a requirement for a license.
    • Rescue: this will mean every and every placement requires a visit to the foster home.
    • Requiring physical visit for each and every sale is overreaching.
  • Four Breeding Bitches rule. If you have more than 4 breed(able) bitches, you will require a license.
    • Breeding bitches is not defined. If a litter of puppies includes females, and you keep some past 6 months, they will likely be considered ‘breeding bitches’- even if they are just awaiting homes.
    • Co-ownership is not addressed. If you co-own a bitch that resides at another location – she may be counted in your “four.”
    • Rescue: this means that breeders cannot be involved in fostering rescue does in any way. If they do so – they will loose their exemption because they are placing/selling a dog they did not breed.
  • Every dog you sell must be bred by you or you must be licensed.
    • What if you receive a “pay-back” puppy and sell it. Since you did not breed it, you will require a license.
    • Rescue: Breeders must not be involved in rescue fostering.

From the AKC...

PLEASE educate yourself before posting that this is a positive step in animal welfare. If it passed- as is- today, September 10th, 2013, may be the end of the breeds we know and love today.

Lori Greer

Cahaba Cats
Part of the fallout will be breeders who have more than 4 female breeding cats - there are many! Some breeders will go out of business...hobby breeders (less than four breeding cats) will only be allowed to sell kittens as not as breeders...

I have no idea how they intend to enforce this, but should be interesting and will force many breeders to stop breeding :(

Seeing as 90% of our sales are outside of the state I cannot fathom how we can comply. Looks like I'll be making some very difficult choices.


Staff member
I have no idea how they intend to enforce this, but should be interesting and will force many breeders to stop breeding :(
I hope no breeders make knee jerk decisions to stop breeding until they see how this plays out. I cannot fathom how any government agency with their heads so far up their arses can possibly enforce this. It's like the war on drugs, a lot of effort goes into it but it solves nothing.


Site Supporter
I also saw there is a $500/annual sales clause. So if you have 3 females and make more than $500, you may need to be licenses also.


Animal Communicator
I couldn't read the article, but it doesn't sound good :( What goes into getting a licence? Is it a lot of extra expense?


Savannah Super Cat
Legislation without investigation of ramifications, and corroboration of facts, is just plain bad legislation.
Sadly, the unintended consequences of many pieces of social legislation fit this description. I am always curious why those who propose / support such bills think those who don't follow laws already on the books will somehow become law abiding citizens on passing of these new ones. I also wonder what mysterious fund will be used to enforce these laws. I will take a look at the waiver or exemption language more closely, wonder if that might contain a potential Achilles heal...