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Savannah Super Cat
The end result will be places popping up doing what this bill proposes to stop and driving out of business the ones that are doing things better than intended.

Trish Allearz

Basically, someone "could" lie to the authorities and pretend they are not breeding cats...but people can and do get caught out. A disgruntled neighbor, an ex-workmate, a ex-friend, a buyer that feels they did wrong... so many ways that when you try to cheat a system, it comes back to bite you. It's really crappy that the USDA will be basically forcing breeding underground for it to continue. Their stated aim is to improve things but the real result of what they are proposing is disastrous :-(
Well, except for the umpteen thousand breeders on Craigslist- they'll keep breeding and won't care...

I'm so sick of these laws that do NOTHING- laws, rules, whatever...


Savannah Super Cat
First, I negotiate labor contracts (I am the Company side of the bargaining), I can tell you about the NLRA with some sense of authority. I don't have that same position here, so this advise is probably worth exactly what you are paying for it! :). I went to the actual regulation, and then to their new FAQs. This is an expanded definition, not an entire new regulation. It is an example of this administration's propensity to overreach and rule by fiat, but that is probably a discussion for another thread, most likely on another board!

So the law itself remains intact, though they increased the breeding female count to 4. They do not consider intact females who are older or have some other issue affecting them as breeders (though they left the weasel in the opinion of the secretary language in there). If you are cat sitting, or " holding" another persons animal, they are not included in your count even if they reside for the time with you. If you allow potential purchasers to view the animal (does not need to be in your home), you are exempt. A third party can view the animal for the purchaser and that counts. I think there lies a loop hole waiting to be jumped through...

Also, private pet shelters are exempt from this unless you sell for exhibition, so no selling kitties for the zoo, pet shows are ok though. I don't think fostering rescue kitties should affect this. When they talk about selling animals for breeding, they specifically reference dogs, which I found interesting.

The FAQ glosses over it, but the biggest over reach is the facilities should you fall under the regulations. They say the animals can be in your home so long as they meet the standards of care, like a separate room that has the ability to be sanitized (rubber walls?). I don't know what happens if you have such a room but allow the animals free run of the house on occasion. Like daily. ;)

I am curious what others who may be more involved in this type of legislation think. A big fear would be new interest in enforcing this thing. I hate to rely on there is no money to enforce as the back up plan. Just search what kind of swat busts happen for those buying and selling raw milk!