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Veterinarians by State


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I have been using Dr Campbell for over 8 years, with 5 years of being Spontaneity and Sampson's attending Vet. Simply love this guy, and shows nothing but respect and awe for all my animals.

Dr Campbell is at:

College Way Animal Hospital
3801 E College Way,
Mount Vernon, Washington 98273
(360) 848-1189
I am looking for one in Southwestern, PA also. We have been using Cheat Lake Animal Hospital in Cheat Lake, WV. They have a cat friendly area and are open 24/7, so they are great for after-hours emergencies. They are, however, slow to get back to you if you need a call back to answer a question... if they call back at all. They would rather just have you come in and pay for an appointment, no matter what you need to know. They are also very expensive. In our emergency situations, the cost didn’t matter and they were knowledgeable and friendly. They have no fear of Savannahs and while they aren’t completely familiar with the breed, they are still willing to learn. I would like to find a more economical everyday veterinarian, for regular maintenance outside of emergencies. Cheat Lake is great, but they have their Pros and Cons.


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I am still looking. I talked to a girl at the veterinary hospital and she told me about her vet who is in the Strip District but I didn’t right it down and I forgot the Doctors name. I will probably go back and ask her again.She has a Bengal so it sounds like the vet is knowledgeable about exotic cats.

I will post his name and address when I get it.

Right now I feel like I have to stay with the vet I have until all of Akila’s test results come back.


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For anyone in the Tacoma Washington area.
My vet is Dr. Dill and he takes exotic cats and knows
what is right for them.

Dill Animal Hospital
1420 Meridian E. / Suite # 1
Milton, WA 98354
Phone: (253) 925-0800
Dr Dill is a really nice person to work with and
was recommended by my breeder
They sadly don't have 24Hr hours. But if you in need here is who they recommend.

If we are unavailable for any reason, we recommend calling:

The Animal Emergency Clinic in Tacoma
(253) 474-0791
5608 S. Durango
Tacoma, WA. 98409

Sumner Veterinary Hospital 24 hr Emergency
(253) 863-2258
16024 60th St E 16024 60th St E,
Sumner, WA 98390

VCA Pacific Avenue Veterinary 24 hr Emergency
(253) 537-0241
10234 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98444


Just an update that I should of done Dec 2017.
Dr Dill has retired. The vet that took over the clinic is not too bad.
Her staff did one big screwup with Bella and live modified vaccine.
She reacted to it and things were not bad but not 100% good.
They had to give her a good does of antihistamine.

So now the rule is when I come in for a vaccine both her and Xander get killed
virus vaccine only. So the lesson learned any time you change vets or they have
a major staff change be sure to check what they are giving your babies. If your worried
ask to see the bottle it was drawn up from.


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For those Savannah parents in the UK, scotland in particular, I highly recommend The Royal Dick Vet, Hospital for small animals, at Easter Bush in Edinburgh.
This is the University hospital with full access to all the up-to date equipment, and is rated the best in the country.
The vets here are fantastic and are extremely knowledgeable in dealing with hybrids, Savannah's in particular.