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What made you decide to get a Savannah ?


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I was raised with every kind of animal one could possibly think a very young adult, I adopted 2 cats from my local shelter, Smokey and Cloud...they lived to be 21 years old...then I rescued my Maine Coon boy, Rocky, from my landlord when he was a baby and then found Cisco on the streets when he was 5 weeks old...

When Rocky died in Sept 2009, I thought my world ended...he was the sweetest cat I had ever owned and everyone loved him...he had diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc., and while I treated him with meds and took very good care of him, he was very sick and when the pain meds no longer helped, I did what was right for him - he was 15 this day, I miss him and so does my vet and all the techs...he was well-loved and pampered by all ;)

I was so depressed after his death, I could not snap out of it, until...I saw photos of savannah cats online...they made me smile...I went to a couple of cat shows in my area, met some savannah cats and the rest is history...bought Taj, my F6 servaline boy, who I trained to obey commands and do tricks as well as walk on a leash...then a year later I bought Zuri and began breeding in 2012...

Taj changed my life as have Zuri, Cinny and Ixas...and they have all changed the life of Cisco, who is ten years old and used to be afraid of his own he plays with them and is out and about...I thank my savannah babies for that miracle every day :p

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Like Paige, I was raised with many different animals, from hamsters to horses and a lot more: snakes, rats, mice, cats, goats...:) As a child, I had a pet iguana named Buzz; I rescued, rehabilitated and released a chipmunk named Basil, a crow named Clyde and myriad other creatures. I had a pet deer mouse I raised from a few days old that was called "Tiny"...he lived to be seven years old. Noticing my love of all animals, a family friend promised to get me an Ocelot...back in the day...the '60's...when one could be purchased and owned for around $100....but Dad put his foot down and said no, the meanie ;)

I never forgot the excitement (and disappointment) of possibly having my own spotted cat, and always knew I would someday, even if it couldn't be an ocelot. Fast forward to raising a family (kids, dogs and horses, one cat), and then divorcing and on my own....the time for the spotted cat in my life had arrived. Ironically, my first spotted cat was an Ocicat, then a blue spotted DSH, and was offered the purchase of an entire Bengal cattery but declined. I overheard some neighbors talking about servals and Savannahs, and when I researched them online, I knew that would be my next spotted cat....and that I wanted to breed and show them as well. I've never regretted my decision...I could not imagine my life without our Savannahs :)


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My husband was raised with dogs, and i grew up with fish and birds.
In the summer of 2010, we bought our house, and it was big and echoey and way too empty. We have fish, but they don't exactly snuggle with you! With both of us working a lot, coming home to a big, empty, and somewhat unfurnished house was kind of depressing. I had wanted a pet desperately for some time, but with school, and moving, and work, it was not the right thing to do before we bought a house.

We looked at getting a puppy, but were worried we would not be able to socialize it properly, and that it would be really lonely all day while we were at work. We looked at adopting kittens from the shelter, but neither of us had ever had a kitten before. Mike knew about Savannahs, and one night after a visit to the shelter where all of the kittens were scared of us, he pulled up a Savannah website, and said what about one of these? We tossed the idea around for about a month, and in September, we put a deposit down with A1 for a yet-to-be-determined kitten. They were awfully good about our less-than-educated questions. We looked at several rounds of adorable kitten photos, and then, when we were away on vacation, our breeder put D up on the website. We got married October 3, 2009, and on October 3, 2011, A1 savannahs, put D up for sale. It was love at first sight via cell phone internet browser for me. I hounded him to reach out to A1, saying if he was getting a savannah, that was the savannah I wanted, and my penetrating voice did my husband in, and after several phone calls with the A1, he was our new kitten.

D arrived in November 2010, and boy has it been a fun ride. I never would have expected that we would have a cat, let alone 3 of them, but oh my goodness are we in love.