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What's Your Litterbox Setup?


Savannah Super Cat
What is Eddie's breeder currently using for litter? You want to keep the same stuff at least for the transition period.

I couldn't use clay initially as Rafiki kept trying to eat it (and everything else for that matter). Her breeder used horse bedding (similar to the non-clumping, pellet type of feline pine) so I had to keep using that for a good 3 months after I brought her home.

It works better than feline pine. I use that too for two litter boxes, but what I find funny is that they both use the same litter box, and other one just sits there and used for backup. It's like they like to pee on it , and claim it.

Ms kitty Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


Staff member
I also use the Sterlite containers with a hole either on the side or in the top (so they have a lip to jump to). I find with the top entries, even with the lip, they sometimes get knocked over if free have them behind the couch or next to a dresser where they are propped up. I use crumpled wood pellets (yes, horse stall bedding) and change it out weekly.

John Popp

Site Supporter
The holes I had cut in the Sterilite storage bins were for the elder DSH cats. Definitely not needed for the SVs once they were 6 months old.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I badly wanted to use pine for both our SVs although our other cats wouldn't use it. When offered a choice, our SVs migrated to Dr Elsey's Cat Attract.

Also, Chongo once told me that scented litter just makes the box smell like foot, ass and roses, "who you trying to fool?". Scented litter isn't fooling your cat and best that you don't let it fool you.