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Why Savannah's?


Site Supporter
If someone asked you to say in one sentence why you chose a Savannah what would you say?
Ok.. Maybe a few sentences ;) Lord knows I have trouble saying anything in one sentence!

I am trying to make the life changing decision to get a Savannah or not and want as much advice and opinions as possible! I've read a TON on this forum but wanted to ask myself.
I will admit there are some very nice cat breeds around but some people wanted more and the Savannah breed is the super cat for us. in one sentence


Savannah Super Cat
It's actually due to the Disney movie African cats that made me want a Savannah. I was so amazed by the big cats and how beautiful and majestic they are but I respect wild cats for being wild. So the reason I chose a Savannah is because they are the closest to an African cat that I would care to get. A Savannah will match wits with you because of its keen intellect (that's another reason I wanted a Savannah..because of their intellect) and they keep you on your toes because you almost have to be one step ahead of them.