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24 hours after getting my F2 home

That is good news. They adapt slower when they are older (just like us). LOL
How could someone who is a breeder get the sex wrong? That is something I find very difficult to understand? :uh oh:
Well I sold a cat that was female from day one. She would have been my pick kitten of Spring litters if it was a male and a snow carrier that a number of people were interested in having as well. My vet examined, vaccinated and issued a health cert for "her". Not until the new owner took "her" to the vet for her check up did we discover she was a he! The new owner still wanted him, and a great pet home is wonderful so he stayed there. Sometimes they are just not quite so obvious, even to the vets. LOL

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Quick update my new baby is doing well. He is still confined to the bathroom but we spent alot of time in there lastnight and this morning playing with him and petting him. This morning he even decided that he needed to lick my hair clean on my head. I think thats a good sign that hes learning to trust me and feel safe. Anyways things seem to still be comming around good which makes my wife and I very happy. tri big grin:

Ill keep the updates comming =) Thanks again everyone for the great advice.


Staff member
LOL, nothing like spoiling a Savannah to get him to love you! ;) On the other hand, it doesn't sound like you're going to have any problem in that department.