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6 month old f5 with diarrhea


Savannah Child
My female girl has had diarrhea for several days. She is on taste of wild canned and dry which is grain free. She won't
Touch pumpkin and I feel terrible because I have her locked in my spare bedroom until she is better.
Anybody have suggestions? Stool is clear of parasites


Staff member
If you've taken her to the vet and PCR and other tests reveal nothing, try feeding her boiled chicken with some of the juice and white rice for a day or two. And consider that she may have developed an allergy to something in the Taste of the Wild. Limit her to canned rather than kibble and see if that helps.


Savannah Child
She has always been inside and came from a decent breeder who also keeps them all inside. She was on the
Taste of wild dry when I got her and friskiies canned. Wanted to switch to grain free so she is on taste of wild

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Mine are inside and my breeders are respectable and clean too, I have had kittens come to me with Giardia, crypto, one of mine had coccidiosis when I shipped it to the breeder and I have never tested positive for it. I'm not saying your baby has anything, but just because they are inside doesn't mean they are free of everything. We as humans can bring anything in on our clothes and shoes. Tap water can have Giardia in it too.

I do have some questions. What are poops like? Did it just happen when you started canned? How long have you had her? It could also be bacterial related. I do fecal pcr tests any time I have a baby with diarrhea.


Site Supporter
I agree. My breeder is excellent. Small closed cattery. Our boy had coccidia. He had several in house floats come back clean. Then, when his diarrhea started getting out of control I stuck a pill bottle under his but in litter box and caught enough to fill the bottle. Yes it was disgusting, but it did the trick. Vet looked at it an hour later and there were 2 oocytes. Only 2 even with a perfect sample. PCR test would be the best idea. Or you could try getting a really good sample. I understand sometimes vets will treat without proof of parasite if meds are safe. I am trying to switch my bow to raw. Right now he gets nature's variety limited ingredient rabbit kibble and primal freeze dried raw turkey formula. Only raw he will eat and he likes it. Its easy to feed as well. Everything is grain free. Keep us posted on your progress.


Savannah Child
figured it out i think! feeding her chicken
which she loves and switched canned to evo
but she just picks at it. tried the instinct raw bites
in chicken but she wont eat that. would love
to go raw but have to find something she will
eat. are all savannahs such picky eaters. her
stool has been good since the switch