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Abbas sick to go healthy


Savannah Super Cat
Jasmine dont eat raw, what I can give her?

And if I dont find, what else without bone I can give to them? Heart of chicken ? It look like rigid.


Site Supporter
I buy Fresh Is Best freeze dried chicken or duck necks. My savannah loves chewing on these. I don't know if you have anything similar out your way. It takes her about an hour to chew thru one.

The freeze dried chicken or duck hearts are also good. Both my cats love these and they are very nutritious but it only takes a minute or so to eat so it is not as good for cleaning the teeth.

You can also try the freeze dried duck or chicken feet.

You might also try silvervine sticks. They are literally small sticks that have the same effect as catnip. Some cats love them and some ignore them.


Savannah Super Cat
I tried and dont find anything like freshisbest. I live at 15 min of vermont state, and it is not in the location of the website. Last time i ask something to my butcher, he look me very weird lol.

My breeder said i can buy checkchen drumstick fresh ?



Site Supporter
I take whole chickens and chop them in 1 to 2 ounce pieces. Freeze what I can't use in a couple of days. I feed this once a day. Be prepared to find bone bits on the floor. The vet says the cats teeth are very clean.

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