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Big Cat Rescue SPEWS NONSENSE AND IGNORANCE - Savannah Cats and Bengal Cats Make Bad Pets?


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BTW I have not been keeping up on this topic.
Did they ever find the husband or was one of
the net rumors that he was missing?




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I really hope not kitty food.

Even if someone were to have done that.
All the noise would be big cat ate....
Not the facts.

BTW When I said what I did about things on the net.
I did not say that just because it was on the net did not make it un-true.
Just like everything else people need to look deeper to get at
the real truth.




Savannah Super Cat
I don't have any early gen Savannahs yet, but Big Cat Rescue has really ticked me off with how they now have two Savannah cats, that are declawed, and they are feeding them using a stick! I'm disgusted with how they are going out of their way to spread lies. One of the ways I feel I can help spread awareness is to advocate as much as I can. I plan on getting a webcam and a privacy screen as my background, (yes, my house is a bit messy lol), and I think if I could go live on facebook showing off my furr babies and my young daughter that it can help immensely to show that these cats are not wild and unfit as pets, etc. What do you guys think?


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I think the more positive publicity Savannahs get with de-emphasis on anything related to 'exotic' or even 'hybrid' can only benefit the breed.


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My F1 Bella is noting but a big kitty. She will rub on you all the time.

I have not seen there videos but maybe it's time to go watch there Youtube channel.


Savannah Super Cat
it doesnt seem like the savannah cats they rescue get much human interaction after they are brought there from the videos i have seen anyway


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I watched one last night and it seemed to be more of a lack of
interaction with the cat before they turned it over.


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it doesnt seem like the savannah cats they rescue get much human interaction after they are brought there from the videos i have seen anyway
And who knows what kind of life they had before - they are rescues! Seems unfair to judge the whole breed based on a few cats who've probably had a rough time with irresponsible owners. Funny how with us humans it's always the parents fault, but with pets it MUST be the animal.


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Bella when I first got here was very skittish and wanted OUT. She was not the type
that would hut anyone. With time and lost of play between the humans and the boys
she calmed down. This is a very high energy cat and without an outlet of all this energy
there can be some problems. Just like with some dogs. The Shepard come to mind in that
they can get into some bad habits with out some type of way to spend all that energy.
Another one that comes to mind is the Jack Russell. If they don't have anything to do
they can be more destructive than a cat that wants to use it's claws on you couch.

So we can't just say Bad cat or Bad dog. We can say Uninformed owner and Bad owner/parent.
When it comes to dogs I don't have a problem with any of them even the Pit Bull so long as
it was treated right and not abused.

I ramble on here. I almost got a Pit Bull for my mother so that when she went out waling she
would not have any worries. That dog will bond to is's person very strongly. I know that some
cats will also develop that same type of bond. So if the cat is not played with and given an outlet
they can become a problem. That is any cat not just Savannah's.