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Cougar Deterrant?


Site Supporter
Well. Apparently someone has been watching us, and noting our gardening habits. I got a visitor two evenings ago. Yep, you guessed it - Ser Cougar. Just like last year, I didn't really get to see it - all I saw was his rather large form hulking along the other side of the fence toward the gate, where I was filling a jug to water our herbs. If I had been facing any other direction I never would have caught it!

Cougars do not like water. Or loud yelling. Or extra people showing up and ruining their party. He was already leaving by the time Mike got out there, I'll take that win.

Me = 1 Cougar = 0

I'll reiterate that I cannot wait to move. I know I'm making jokes, but it is a seriously freaky situation.


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LOL, we've gone from a cougar to a couple of skunks living under our new house. Whee!

I finally laid eyes on the massive beast the day we packed the truck. We had gotten up at the crack of dawn, I went out to the porch and saw him across the road in the neighbors field. Huge cat. Huge! Of course, by the time I got my phone, he was gone.

SV Dad

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a couple of skunks living under our new house.
Oh Joy!
In my neck of the woods, those particular critters present their own unique problem, C(r)ook County has a rabies problem. And the skunks can be carriers.
Not sure if Ohio human urine dissuades skunks.
(Not to mention just last Friday we had a bat flying around the master bedroom and bath. Mayhem was doing his job and monitoring the situation closely, which is how we discovered the issue. Animal control came out at 2:30am to capture and then later test. Fortunately it was negative.)