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Declawing cats


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We do not declaw. My cats have ruined my leather furniture over the years. Not entirely their husband waves the toy on it so they jump up, etc. Wouldn't change the decision. I like having fingers...sure they do also!


Savannah Super Cat
To me, a cat's claws are a never ending source of amazement and I constantly marvel at the things that they can do with those things! A cat's claws allow them to defy the laws of gravity when they literally fly up vertical surfaces like cat trees spiderman style, (oh and sometimes curtains too, lol! :eek:), they also use them for the finest of their handiwork and shenanigans like stealing small objects from you drawers and running away and hiding them, oh and I absolutely adore when they lay around in the sun stretching those bad boys and then they hold them up to your face stretching those little cat hands open as if to say "daddy, look what I've got!" They can use them to hook their fake rodents and throw them around the room :mouse: . They're also great for when they'r startin' to fall off of the bed, cat furniture or the back of the couch, they simply hook on and all is well! Wow, what a safety net! If grandpa Walenda had some of those he'd probably be alive today! ;) I'm MOST impressed though, when the kitties are loving you, they retract them when they put their little cat arms around you to hold you! Man, i think I love those things as much as they do!! :p

Yeah, I know, I'm a wacky dude, lol. I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve though and I love sharing my feline observations!
Very well said.
I declawed my cats also. I thought it was the thing to do with an indoor only cat. They never have had any problems. Now that I have a savannah and did some research before I bought him I learned it was a no no.
I have two cats now. My savannah and my declawed 11 year old Himalayan. My savannah can do so many more thing while playing than my Himalayan. I will never declaw a cat again.


Staff member
We do declaw. My cats have ruined my leather furniture over the years. Not entirely their husband waves the toy on it so they jump up, etc. Wouldn't change the decision. I like having fingers...sure they do also!
So kathy you declaw your savannahs?


Staff member
He was bought from an irresponsible breeder, and was an aggressive kitten. My family didn't realize it until after we had gotten him, and he bit and scratched all the time. When he was neutered the vet wanted to put him down because sedating him was next to impossible...there were a lot of bloody hands. My parents thought it better to declaw than to euthanize, (he still has back nails), but he didn't grow out of his craziness until April when my rabbit passed away. All of a sudden he turned into a (mostly) sweetie pie.
As we were growing up we would stalk us and throw is arms around our legs and bite. I mean teeth are bad enough but claws make it so much worse. And trimming a psycho cats claws would be impossible. I'm pretty sure if his nails were kept, he would have slit our throats in our sleep.
I'm not saying declawing is okay, but I do think that it is necessary in certain situations. I've also learned a lot about cats since getting Tiger, and would never ever get a kitten from a breeder like his again. He didn't even know what a litter box was when he came home!
Kristin, while I do not believe in declawing and do not declaw, I would rather see a cat declawed than put to sleep...however, as you said the behavior continued, so it sounds like your kitten was really reacting to something else...trying everything possible to figure out why a cat is behaving aggressively, etc., is paramount as you found out.

At least you have come to be educated and understand ;)