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Eco-friendly Savannah?

Lori Greer

Cahaba Cats
Just be glad they aren't peeing on your electronics! We had to completely disassemble the very expensive all-in-one to get the pee off of the underside of the scanner glass. I mean REALLY??? WTH?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Someone needs to design a key board protector that allows you to type and prevent Savannah-related errors!

Actually...isn't there already a clear keyboard protector available? So why don't I have one? lol! It would be more for me spilling coffee (I've ruined 2 keyboards that way) than the cats....;)


Savannah Super Cat
No, not one of those. (I have a Mac anyway, I think those plastic shields are for ibm type keyboards). I am thinking of one that you can type with yet have the keyboard protected from unintended typos. a;;;yoyuywwwl1ll1 8.//n :poop:


These stories are too funny! (Well, funny once you get past the downer of things Keljin luckily hasn't broken anything yet and doesn't care about technology or power things. He looooooves the tv and computer screens, he will always sit by patiently and just paw at anything moving on it very gently, no claws. Sometimes I make a game out of it and will wiggle the mouse around on the screen just for him :)

One naughty habit that may be related is how he loves to clean the counters for me. While I am gone, anything that is light enough for him to push, is off the counters and on the floor in the bathrooms and living room... sigh.. Well good job you cleaned the counters, now I've gotta clean the floor! lol