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Haha! He always has that tough guy look! He's a sweetie but constantly into some kind of mischief and then loudly telling me about it ;)

Unlike my ever so silent F1 girl whose infatuated with him
Somebody please help me. I am a new approved member and cannot for the life of me figure out how to post a messaage. Why is it not obvious like posting a reply is? I am frustrated to death trying to post this message:

Hello my name is Steve Petrick and I live in Santa Monica and I have put money down on a Savannah-Lynx hybrid kitten that will be ready to take home in about a month. I am very much wanting to know how the Lynx additive into the Savannah gene pool effects Weight, Body Shape, and especially Facial Looks Upon Maturity. Could you please let me know the answer to my questions in those 3 areas.

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I agree with SVDad. Hybrids are very diverse in their size. And adding yet another hybrid mix means you really have no idea what you might end up with. Has this breeder done this pairing before so you can see what older siblings turned out like? What breeder is the kitten coming from?


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Are you talking about a Savannah crossed with the wild animal lynx, or with a Highland Lynx, which is a completely domestic cat? The reason I ask is because I've never heard of a hybrid being produced from the wild lynx, so would suggest you do your research on this cross.