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F5 Savannahs - SBT and others

Finally got our boy home last Saturday! We call him Cairo. He has the most chilled out personality ever, very different to what I've read from Savannah's - loves being picked up, held, hugged and kissed, never met a lapcat like him before! On the first day he just wanted to purr, sleep and be cuddled and wouldn't leave us to explore around until nighttime. Then I woke up in the morning with him licking my face :) He comes to bed with us every night and stays there most of the night, he carefully walks around us to make sure we don't wake up either! Such a good boy. He also sleeps A LOT!! I guess that's a kitten thing, he's currently 15 weeks old.


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Update from Cairo! He had his balls chopped off yesterday, bless him! He acts like nothing happened though, even with his big collar on, so all good. :)

I'd love to get an opinion on whether you guys the boy has show potential? I'd really like to give it a go and my breeder thinks I should, but would be nice to know what you guys think over the pond (we're in the UK). I already know he's cute as hell, but I would love to get one of those detailed opinions on his type that I've seen on this forum - I'm looking at you Brigitte ;)

Thanks guys!


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It's hard to tell from these pictures but I think it is worth trying and see how he does in the show hall. If nothing else, you'll have a great time!