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Wow. Thanks. Louie is amazing. What a fine looking big boy. The open mouth picture is ..... Eye opening. ;) He is growing VERY nicely. Thanks again. :)


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Portions of food were not mentioned. Kitty is .........1 year 3 months and I follow a grazing schedule. Giving her little portions throughout the day. I will switch out one or two of her small portions and instead of wet food. I give her chicken or beef pieces. Her favorite is fancy feast chicken with gravy. I give her the bone powder on her raw meat portion. So in a 24 hour period total eaten ( not always, it changes daily) would be portion size 2 cans of fancy feast using those to explain sizing, since most know the size. And one more the same size of raw. Not counting treats. Oh and she has dry out always.she doesn't eat a lot of dry, more nibbling. Since I am home we play on and off all day and she goes for a 25 to 35 min walk twice a day.
Does this food amount sound ok?

Brigitte Cowell

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I think that if Kitty is in good condition then the amount you are feeding is right. If she looks a bit thin then try adding a little more, and if she starts to look tubby then decrease the amount. I think different cats burn food at different levels. One of my F1 girls eats a huge amount each day and she's not the big one! But she is the frenetic one that is always moving so I figure she just burns it off. I've had bloodwork done to check her thyroid because of it... it's just how she is. In your measure of fancy feast cans she probably eats at least five of those plus snacking on kibble. Maybe more as she eats the equivalent of two fancy feast cans just at breakfast and then comes to clean other plates afterwards.

I think canned food has "guides" on the cans for number of cans for a certain weight of cat...but this is a guide and not exactly how much each cat needs. My beagle has to be fed a lot less than the guide on dog food cans else he is quickly obese... he just must be very efficient at absorbing every bit of calories from the food he eats! Maybe my F1 Missy is just less efficient...


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Yes, it's hard to judge. I like always leaving the dry food out, so on those rare occasions I'm not home at a time when I would be feeding her she can do the serve yourself buffet. I also adopted John P. Suggestion once you've fed them pick up wet food. Don't leave it out and available. That has been great tip. Kitty is always moving. She has a designated race track route going through the living room, around the living room up her stairs to her walk about. Runs that length down her stairs and again another loop around the living room. She does this at least twice a day. Plus all the other activity. I keep a pretty close eye on her.........I don't called helicopter mom for no reason.


Thanks for the compliments on Louie!

I feed him the recommended amount on the bag in 1/2 portions AM and PM. I add water to the food, which he gulps down within 3-4 minutes. He also enjoys his water fountain, so I know that he's getting plenty of water. He also produces healthy amounts of urine so his kidneys are getting thoroughly flushed. I wash his bowl after each feeding. His weight seems to be ideal. I will never let him become obese, no matter how much he may scream at me!

For those that feed dry food, there is a study done by a member here which determines how much water your cat should be drinking based on his weight. Someone might know exactly where it is. If someone reading this is interested, I will try to find it for you.


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I feed babies 3X a day and adults twice a day...sounds like you are doing a great job of feeding Louie, so I would not change a thing...recently there was a great article on finicky cats and how we are creating them by overfeeding...that article was the impetus for me to stop caving into wailing cats and switch them to twice a day, instead of more frequently...if anyone would like to see a copy of the article, I will find it.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I feed twice. But when I eat my dinner, I often give Ms Kilifi a bite or two. Just as a treat. Sometimes she ignores it. I would do the same for Zidi IF she would come out. She is not driven much by food tho. She will eat when hungry, but using food as a bribe enticement is not very effective with her. Play is a much more effective bribe enticement.