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Glacier Point Pet Fountains


Animal Communicator
Kristin, can you take a photo, so we can see the bridge you are referring to?

Barry gives GREAT customer service! Glad you have it working now and that Zeddie cannot dismantle it :)
I will take a picture tomorrow...he basically just attached little wings onto the bottom of the black thing so it can't slide off at all.

Also, I was mistaken. Zeddie 4 Kristin 0. She can't dismantle it, but she sure can bail all the water out :eek:


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Would the bridge keep Zeddie from taking the fountain apart! SUCCESS!!
Nice. I had to build an enclosure for mine. Even when I remove it to clean the fountain, both my SV's attempt to tear apart the fountain in great fun. Else, they do flying runs and jumps over it, which would ordinarily dislodge the vertical water bottle, but my enclosure keeps it upright when this now occurs. I originally saw one of Barry's clips and he did claim that cats wouldn't bother with the fountain - that was the one thing he got wrong (he did great other than this fact). Anyways, hence my war-zone like enclosure:) dj


Animal Communicator
How do you guys keep them from moving the whole thing around? For 9 lbs Zeddie is freaking strong! I could barely turn it back to fix it


Staff member
How do you guys keep them from moving the whole thing around? For 9 lbs Zeddie is freaking strong! I could barely turn it back to fix it
Mine do not do any of this...she will probably stop in a day or two...right now it is new, she is curious and is going to keep testing your patience :)


Animal Communicator
As requested, pictures of the savannah bridge!

I emptied the fountain because I had to wrap the pump cord in electric tape because Genius chewed it again, so the fountain is already disassembled. It looks the same when you just see it, but I can barely move it around.

These are the tabs that make it impossible to take off