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Healthy Diet


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Kitty Bloom VM900+3 is what I am currently using. I was using Mazuri but they add poultry for flavor and it is just enough to give my pixie an allergic reaction. I add additional taurine, milk thistle (liver support) and fish oil. On the rare occasions (beef chunks) that I do not grind bone, I also add their calcium supplement as well.
When I got my F2, he was eating Blue Mountain dry food for kittens, and Friskies canned food. He had soft stools, so I moved him slowly to various other foods, only to be frustrated by his continued soft stools. My vet gave me flora probiotic but that did not help at all. After a lot of frustration, and 3 months later, I finally decided to try a raw diet.

After a lot of research, I found RAD was the highest rated and decided to try it. I had already changed his old dry food to Purina Beyond "grain free". Whaaa-la! Guess what? His hair became software, he started gaining weight, and his stool became normal. And, he loves the RAD raw food (as long as it is either chicken or turkey). He pukes on the lamb or beef. I'm guessing these cats don't eat sheep or cows in the wild. LOL!

So, now that he is on the RAD raw food, he is happy as can be, and healthy as ever. I told my vet and she was fine with the raw diet. She did not indicate any concerns with the raw diet. (although it is expensive)
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I'm glad you found something that worked for your kitty and he is now thriving. I agree that Rad Cat is expensive, but worth it to have a healthy and happy baby.
Thanks for the information here! My kitten did not at all like the no addivite all organic dry cat food I was offering to supplement the canned, and today was able to get a small $5 package of Origen chicken here and he loves it. Keeping my fingers crossed it also agrees with his tummy. He has been growing so fast I can almost see it happening, and eating a can and a 1/2 of good quality expensive wet food every day, plus the dry stuff he ate reluctantly, and me sharing bits of cooked salmon and chicken. He needs something for in between meals when he has the munchies! He is very long and lean so I think he is using every bite!


Savannah Super Cat
Hello everyone
I’m lucking for good pro-biopics for my savanna f3
Please any suggestions or Brand

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