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Healthy Diet

John Popp

Site Supporter
Thanks for the tip on Proviable. I am going to start alternating that with Fortiflora for our boys. The probiotics are a big help with Dooley's liver disease and keeping ammonia levels down. Not sure what kind of crossover there is between the organisms..............

OK, I just looked and Fortiflora contains just a single organism and Proviable seven including the one found in Fortiflora. Thanks for keeping me informed Patti!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Thanks Rafiki. I don't think the IM Vet will sign off on that one for Dooley, but I can do a trial run on Dino.

The Nutrimax Proviable she said was OK, and she asked me which company produced it prior to saying OK. Dooley is doing very well and she doesn't want to change things up very much.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Dooley gets Denamarin twice a day which has the medical ingredient Silybin that is available in milk thistle and SAMe. I'm thinking about going to a once a day dosage and see how he'll do with that. A little concerned that it might cause a vomiting or diarrhea issue, but if he'll tolerate it, it will be an extra hour of the day we'll get back.

Remi's Mommy

Site Supporter
My cats tested the dry food today, Innova EVO Turkey and Chicken (grain free) vs. Orijen Chicken also grain free... The winner for my cats was Innova Evo.

One cat seemed to go back and forth somewhat however favored and ate more of the Innova Evo and the other completely favored Innova Evo.

Paige, You probably know this however for those who don't both those brands are in the highest quality dry foods.

Odds are if someone wants a high quality dry cat food Innova EVO would be the easier one to get your young cat to shift over to from moms milk or wet food. Kittens can be tough however getting them used to the flavor helps. My cats love any flavor wet food. Just use a blender if you must to powder the dry food up and add to the wet food during transition and then later transition to the way the bag of dry comes as they learn to accept it.

I am sure they might like some cheaper brands better however the purpose was to find a high quality cat food my cats would like and now I have done it :)

In my home the staple of the diet is now:
Innova EVO Turkey and Chicken (grain free) for the dry food
Nature's Variety Instinct for the canned - flavors without pork best in my opinion.

This is healthy and the most palatable of the healthy foods as far as my testing. I think canned and dry are both needed in a cats diet. Wet is mostly moisture and dry is well dry however nutrient dense.

My cats still get the snacks I mentioned in earlier posts. They loved the egg next to the regular food served today.
Remi seems to like Origen tundra over the chicken. She doesn’t get a lot every day, but really looks forward to it

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You can try feline natural , canned. It’s expensive but I don’t think any other can compare. It’s the only one I could find with no other ingredients then meat and organs, no fruits or vegetables. A product of new Zealand.

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