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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Well your still have all there whiskers. Bella for some reason liket to trim all other cats in the house.
She got both Mokkun and Tetsu when they were alive and now she has chewed off Xander's whiskers.
I wished I could find a fix for that little problem.
She got both Mokkun and Tetsu when they were alive and now she has chewed off Xander's whiskers.
Awww, mama Bella wants her “kids” to stay close by. Bear used to do this to Ninja when they were kittens, no idea why, and he stopped on his own once they got neutered. Cats are so weird, SVs even more so! :roflmao::love:


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In talking with the breeder she said likely Bella would not been the best mother to any kittens do to her doing this.
I would of liked to have some from her but she was already altered when I got her at 18 mo old do to the rehome.

On a diffrent note. Someone came to the door today and I went out to talk with him and he had been smoking.
First off that is something I very much dislike. I ended up coming in and could still smell it on my coat. You should
of seen Bella's reaction to me. She got very buisy trying to rub her smell into my coat for quite a while.

That coat is going into the wash in a short while as it stinks.


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I finaly got to meet Xander's nemesis.
It was at the window growling and hissing after it had slapped the window a few times.
Xander was just looking at it as to him is was not a true threat. Bella even walked by and
only gave it a look and then walked on.


Once Miss Bella showed up it sort of backed away from the window. That is Bella in the lower left corner of the image.
I sort of think that she is under the impression that she is the only one that is allowed to beat up on Xander.