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I just wanna say... A random comments thread


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Turned my back for a millisecond and Taji decided to drink from the water I was going to use to make coffee. I had just changed their water dishes but I suppose 15 second old water in the dishes was not considered fresh enough. High standards from a cat who will drink from the toilet.



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It would seem that Mr Xander has given up on Greenies. How ever Bella and her big teeth has not. If only they made a large sized one for her.

Here is Xander on the bed wrinkling it up for Bella. Can you see him in royal purple with a crown on? His Royal Highness Xander.

Bella was lounging on the bed and gave me a "How Dare You Take My Photo" look.


I found this guy somewhere and think it's cute.
image004 2ab.gif


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They will never find me. Oh rats Mokkun found me.


It's a bit fuzzy but I think you can tell what is going on.


This was is my No Soliciting warning. It seems to work very well.
But I think she would love to have the meat truck guy show up once so she could raid his truck.

No Soliciting.JPG


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So how is everyone's day going? Hard to get a handle on it that 9/11/2001 was so many years ago that school children
in grade school were not even born yet.

On to more pleasant things.
Bella is sitting a few feet away from me and her purr is still very loud.

Well I think I can blame one of the cats for the loss of my Passport card. They have been on the counter I had
everything on so I could send it for renewal and somehow the card went MIA. I happened to be sitting down
and happened to catch a glimpse of something odd. I found the card pushed under the edge of my large display
and I was able to fish it out. So now that I have the card I can get everything send in for a renewal.

Happy day and the cats are playing around. Everyone have a fun cat day.


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Just some random photos.

Here is Xander's favorite toy. He just goes cat bonkers over it.
. IMG_7177.jpg

Wants to be in the photo with the boys and Bella.
IMG_7231.jpg IMG_7233.jpg


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Those are great shots

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Thank You. I can tell you that moving from film to digital at first was a concern that I would loose photos. But once I made the
switch I found I was saving a lot of money of film, developing and printing the photos. I have always been a member of the take
as many short as needed group. The reason it sometimes the unplanned photo will be the best and even when you plan something
the best shot might be the one between some photos you took and just happened to stay on the trigger too long and got extras.
That is how I got the Bella sneeze photo that is so funny.