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I want to buy a savannah cat because


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Darlene, welcome. And condolences on your loss but congratulations on your new addition. I too live in NJ and I'm owned by a female F5 Savannah. She is 4 years young and is extremely energetic. I have other male cats (part Bengal, part Lynx Siamese and 1 domestic short hair) also high energy and they get along so well together. Whiskey is actually smaller than my Lynx Siamese, Valentino and not all Savannahs are huge. She is also extremely intelligent...even when she's resting, the wheels inside are turning. I have 2 suggestions: #1) if at all possible go to a cat show first and #2) ask any and all questions you may have before you decide to get one. I asked a ton of questions before I made the decision to get a Savannah and no question is too stupid or silly. It is better to ask NOW before you decide than after you bring one home.


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Welcome Darlene! I'm so sorry to hear about your buddy.

I am a breeder in NJ, so feel free to contact me. I will not have a lie until May, most likely.

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Should I phone the number on your web site? Thanks


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Yes, you can call this evening, if possible...I am inundated right now with a Savannah Rescue situation! Thanks!

Paige, I am so sorry I never called, but I had a very busy summer, and I knew that I would not have time to spend with a kitten. My schedule is better now, and I can adopt a kitten. I am interested in the kitten on your web site. May I call you?


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Hello, I hope it is okay to resurrect his old thread.

I have found three cats for sale, an F3, F4, and F5. All are beautiful, I love each one, and actually not too different in price. I have a lot of questions, and a few worries, so here goes.

My biggest concern is my cat, Cleo. (see pictures) I adopted her from pet smart, and spent the summer getting her over her traumas. She needs a companion badly. She loves to play, and really sounds 'savannah like' in that she races around the house like a crazy thing, is somewhat destructive. I literally run her around the neighborhood on her leash to get rid of her excess energy. There are a colony of strays in the neighborhood. When she sees them, she pulls at her leash tail all fluffed out, and I feel like she wants to 'give them the business'. (I'm guessing they feel free to invade 'her' porch and lawn during the day, and she spends the day in frustration watching them). So she is not shy.

then why did I have bad dreams? I dreamed that the savannah grew up to be a great big cat that bullied her, and I woke up heartbroken and upset.

I really wanted to buy the Savannah as a gift for myself. But I am concerned--I know they have some wild genes. Will the cat be aggressive to my cat? Will Cleo hold her own? Do you think they will bond? or is this just a mis match? cleo_sidewalk.jpg cleo stairs.jpg

I'm also concerned that the cat will be 'too big' and just not a match for my cat. And yet, I want somewhat big cat, because I still miss my big old jungle cat (see my opening post). I guess some breeders told me it is inappropriate to ask about the size, but I have that concern. If I asked the breeders about the parents, would he be able to give me a rough estimate?

Should I get a big Savannah cat for myself? Or get a cat more like cleo?


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Darlene. Sometimes dreams are our sub-conscious mind's way of expressing doubt or concern. You do not have enough information ( as far as your sub-conscious is concerned ) about the mix of your Cleo and a new Savannah kitten. So I would not take your dreams too seriously unless they are nightly recurring dreams. If they are, try to home in on the reason your are having them.

Remember ... Savannahs ARE domestic cats. They are sometimes brighter and almost always have more energy than other breeds, but they are not wild fighters. Yes they do have the Serval heritage, but they are still domestic cats. They CAN be bigger, but that is not predictable nor guaranteed. What they will be is a smart and playful cat.
I would not worry about an SV kitten bonding with a DSH.

BTW, Cleo is beautiful. I love calicoes.


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There is no guarantee on size for any savannah and the parents are NOT necessarily going to indicate size as we have Zuri is about 9 pounds and the father of her kittens about 12...they have produced savannahs from 9 pounds to fourteen need to get a different breed of cat if want a guaranteed big cat...or...decide which is more important...a beautiful savannah with wonderful temperament or a BIG savannah with health or temperament issues...perhaps you may want an older kitten or cat - this way you will know the size...