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Kitten Eating Problems

I hope you did not think I was being judgemental. I am appalled that a breeder would let a kitten go at that young of an age. It is simply not a good idea for a number of reasons. But I did try to move past that and just offer good suggestions and tips on how to get your baby to eat and stay healthy. That is the most important issue at hand. I raise F1 kittens and bottle feed them but I still would never let one go before 11 weeks of age, and I would never let a new owner bottle them. You have no idea how scary that is and how easy it would be to aspirate a kitten. I only hope the best for you and your kitten. What was done is done and please do not stop posting if you need further assistance. I was only trying to help.


Staff member
#22 kittens stay with their mom and are some of the best socialized kittens around - I will leave it at that...and I can say that of other breeders here as well...they are handled from birth every day though...and therein makes the difference, I think...not bottle feeding...


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Here is him this morning
Awww...looks good...and you are holding him in the proper position...he will be fine and as long as you are in touch with Betsy as well as posting here, all should be good...

Breeders will disagree and please try not to take it personally...nothing was meant against Betsy at all...many of us know her...your kitten is gorgeous and hope you post more pics as he grows...

SV Dad

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Nice cat! Hang in there.
I can assure you the most important thing to the folks on this forum is to help you have a healthy cat. We tend to freak out when little ones are not eating as expected. Glad you came to the forums for help. There is a lot of experience and knowledge to be found and shared.