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Kitty has started peeing on the carpet... again!

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat
Probably not, either me or my gf are home everyday for several hours, its just the cat is my responsibility, my gf wont go near the litter box. She gets lots of love and attention, not to mention she sleeps on top of me every night so I feel like shes not angry at me. Also she doesn't act out in any other way that I can tell. She also has a friend in muffin and they love to run around and play fight all day.


Site Supporter
Beg pardon if this has been thrown out before: maybe she just doesn't like the brand of litter? Have you tried different kinds? My boys don't like anything with fragrance...natural or otherwise.

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat
I actually havent tried switching litter brands. I've been using one brand their whole lives, I havent seen to many clumping litter options at the pet store but I can try a new one. Going to give their litter box a full bleach clean this weekend so ill buy new litter to try/


Staff member
Jacob, cats are very clean animals and keeping their litter boxes clean is our job as owners...scooping the box once a day is necessary... Unless you want to continue to have issues. Would you want to use a toilet that wasn't flushed every day? Cleaning the box once a week or every couple of weeks with an enzyme cleaner is also a good idea. It doesn't matter what type of litter you use if the box isnt clean. She just may not want to use the automated one for whatever reason. Maybe try some kitten attract or cat attract as well in all the boxes.

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