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Kitty Quirks


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Jackson thinks people are perches. He just has to see everything. I'm sewing some roman shades, he has to get on my shoulder to see what I'm doing. I'm scooping out the litter boxes up on my back he goes. The other day one of my sons was standing next to the cat tree and Jackson steps off the top level and on to his shoulder and then onto the top of his head.


Savannah Super Cat
Oh dear...too many funny quirks to mention...

Like your Taji, my Missy likes to drag things around the house... BIG things. She had a king-size blanket she'd drag about our big Victorian house...upstairs, downstairs, halfway out the pet door to the enclosure. She'd drag it somewhere then all of them would pile on it for a nap together. It was super-cute to find them all like that :)
Then one of my pet buyers brought us a gift of a huge Tigger doll (she worked for Disney) and that became her new obsession. We find him all over the place, he's got holes in his nose as I think that is where she grabs hold of him to drag... Missy is also obsessed by herbs, anytime I am chopping them for cooking, I have to give her a sprig to roll about with and drool on.

Coco is my shadow chaser. When she was a baby I worried her vision was bad, I even took her to a specialist for it, because when playing with wand toys she'd seemingly completely MISS them and be pouncing on the ground next to it. They couldn't find anything wrong with her...and then we came to discover it is because she is obsessed with shadows. So if you are waving the wand toy and the others are pouncing on that, she's pouncing on the shadow it makes! At night, she waits for me in bed because my bedside lamp means I can make shadows for her to chase all over our bed....she's the kookiest thing chasing them too, she plays with abandon and it is obvious how much fun she has!

Bobo (my first Savannah) likes to suckle has to be woven cotton, a shirt and you have to be wearing it at the time. We are careful to keep his claws short because of it! He also has a particular toy he likes to fetch and no other. It is a short wand with a short length of ostrich feathering. You have to fling it over and over for him. Any other toy is not acceptable.

Nadiya is obsessed by real sheepskin mousies, Baz loves to hug my neck and give me kisses, Zak needs to sleep on my feet, Nina is very specific about her playtime and whips her tail in excitement anytime you move to "her" play rug...

Paige, you are lucky that Zuri only nudges toys towards you, I had an F3 Millie Mousie that would drop them on my head in the middle of the night and if I didn't wake up and throw it, she'd go dunk them in water and try again..eek!

I've also had an F2 with an absolute gravity fetish, it was hilarious to watch her as it was obvious how much fun pushing things off edges was... She's also the one that gave her new owner a reverse mohawk one night, chewing a strip down the center of her head as she lay on her side in bed. RIP Karamu, she was the coolest cat.

I'll stop there...I feel like such a crazy cat lady talking about my fur children forever like this!
Oh you got nothing on me, Brigitte! (lol) One time I was being prepped for some minor surgery and somehow the subject of my cats came up. After I woke up, one of the nurses told me I yakked about my cats until they put me under! She said she could tell I was "very passionate" about them. (Blush)