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Malibu, Kali & Odrick


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Little Odrick is almost home! Hooray! Abby you must be on pins and needles at this point. Best wishes for a glitch-free flight. I'm eagerly anticipating hearing the Tales of Odrick.
I am freaking out :giggle: (in a good way)

"Odes of Odrick" sounds catchier....but then I'd have to learn how to write poetry and that is not a skill I possess. "Tales" it is!

SV Dad

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Safe travels.
Tonight is the last night of a normal life.......
The Commando Gang sends their best regards.
Fasten your seat belt. Oh, are you in for a ride!
And I'm not talking about the flight!


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@David Z thank you, David!

@SV Dad thank you so much! You guys are just so funny

@WitchyWoman :love:

Our travel day could not have gone smoother. I flew into ATL, picked up my rental car, drove exactly where I needed to go to get Odge (if you knew me, you'd know this is a huge success). He was there waiting for me and we hung out for about 2 hours playing in the rental car outside. I brought a litterbox with litter but he did not want to use it. He did play in it though LOL I had to switch him from his original travel crate to a smaller, soft-sided one so I could carry him on the flight. I did also ask for a private screening because he was kind of skittish in his crate in the airport. I was not about to take him out in the middle of the airport.

**Side story: So I asked the TSA guy if I could have a private screening so my cat wouldn't escape in the airport. He was like, "Why would the cat escape?" And I said, "Because he's a cat and he's scared and he can probably easily get away from me if I take him out and I would lose him in the airport." TSA guys says, "Just hold him., that's not an excuse for a private screening." I had to ask for a manager at that point because I was not going to argue and I was not taking Odrick out. I just wasn't going to chance it.

Anywho...we made it home and he's all set up in his quarantine room (my bedroom). He was SO happy to come out of his carrier and start playing with all of his new toys. I have a huge, mesh tent that he loves running in and out of. It's big enough to hold his crate, a little pet bed and some toys. He just loves the tent. I also fed him dinner about an hour ago and he ate about 4 ounces of canned food. It was so cute. He's a terribly messy eater :lol:

I never understood how serious people are when they say all the picture are blurry....until right now. I wanted to include some cute pics with this update but all I have is 25 crappy, blurry pictures. I'll post some video instead!

I never understood how serious people are when they say all the picture are blurry....until right now. I wanted to include some cute pics with this update but all I have is 25 crappy, blurry pictures.
LOL! Unless they are shown sleeping, or sitting in the window, all of my pics are screen shots of paused video.

Odrick is wtf level adorable. That's quite a motor he's got, too. He's gonna be a big boy - SV Dad is right, get ready for the wild ride.


Staff member
Squeeee, squeeee and triple squeee. Isn't it just spectacular when you take a chance on a cat you've not met and he claims you as his mom right from the start? I love how he comes to you for approval after playing with his toy. And stilts for legs!

You're fortunate he ate right away. Atticus waited until the wee hours of the morning and awakened me by loudly sucking on my armpit and purring hard enough to vibrate the bed. It's not a pleasant feeling coming from a deep sleep with a feeling of creeping wetness in your armpit.


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I have barely slept the past two nights....Tuesday night I couldn't sleep because I was like a kid going to Disneyworld in the morning....Odge was finally coming home. I had to get up at 5AM to leave for my flight and didn't go to sleep until around midnight because we were playing & getting comfy. I did sleep on the sofa with Kali because bedtime is when her & I bond the most & I don't want her to feel left out. I had planned on sleeping the first half of the night with Kali & the second half with Odrick but he just wants to play :LOL: not sleep. I woke up around 1:30AM to feed him again. He seriously loves food. Eats like a little piggy. I played with him for about 20 minutes and tried to go to sleep but it wasn't happening LOL so I went back to bed in the living room around 2:30.

When I woke up this morning I saw he peed in the litterbox which was really exciting for me haha. After he ate breakfast, he pooped in there too. Ya'll the smell almost knocked me on my feet. (I'm used to raw-fed poop). I forgot how stinky the poop is from kittens on canned. It was perfectly formed (sorry, tmi) but the smell is awful.

He is still purring so loud and quite often. I really think he is settling in nicely. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Oddly...I find myself being a lot more emotional about Malibu since Odrick has been home. I'm already tearing up after just typing his name. I guess adopting a new kitten has really struck home the fact that he is really gone. I know Odrick isn't a replacement. He's his own little kitten and we are going to have a different, very special relationship. Malibu's loss has just been very difficult for me.

I'm attaching the best picture I could get of Odrick this morning lol


David Z

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Odrick is so adorable.
Took me about a month to get Amara on my sleep schedule, now she falls over next to me and sleeps all night. Tons of play before bed and a bit of food.

Sorry to hear your still struggling with the loss of Malibu. Id like to tell you it gets better with time but unfortunately i can't. I still struggle with loss of Nermal and Kitty Kat on a daily baisis. All we can really do as parents(or property of the furry kids) is remember all the great times and know they were loved and loved us back.