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Malibu, Kali & Odrick


Savannah Super Cat
@catsindogtown No, I'm not super social media savvy. I use Snapchat the most to communicate with my friends and siblings & I'm on Facebook. I post a decent amount of kitty pics/updates to the Savannah Cat Enthusiast FB group.
I unfortunately don’t have a FB and only hopped on IG for biz, same with the lack of social media skills. Odrick is 2 days younger than Nami and 5lb heavier!!! That’s so intriguing! @catsindogtown on Insta if you ever wanna see pics :) Damn SV’s are really
fun to be around... grateful to know that other people are as bat shit about cats as I am and even more so!


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Odrick is grinding his teeth pretty bad when he eats & yawns. I'm pretty sure it's the teeth on the right side that are grinding together. He hasn't always done that, it is a new development. I can't get a great look inside of his mouth but I wonder if his teeth may be misaligned? I wonder if it has anything to do with when he lost his left, upper, baby canine fang in mid-July? Maybe the adult teeth are growing in wrong? Has this happened to any of your Savannahs? He turned 5 months old yesterday. He still hasn't grown in his adult fangs. I don't know at what age kittens teethe.

I have a vet visit scheduled the morning of 9/7 (11 days from today). I think the issue can wait until our scheduled visit. Of course, if he stops eating or I think it is an emergency, I will make an emergency visit.


Without having heard the sound I can't say if it's what I've heard before, but if it persists make sure the vet checks his kidneys.

I check teeth when they're out cold, btw, and claws too. Easier when they're too sleepy to run away!


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I couldn't wait until my appointment next Friday so I made an emergency visit today. Odrick is still eating well, gaining weight & doesn't appear to be in pain but it actually hurts ME when I hear his teeth grinding together when he eats or when he yawns. I could not take it another day.

Vet said his baby teeth are having a hard time falling out on the right side of the mouth. (The left side looks great, except for his missing canine that he lost about 6 weeks ago. The permanent one still hasn't come in yet and she seemed surprised that it hasn't.) Anyway, she said on the right side of his mouth, his gums are slightly inflamed & swollen. She gave me a Chamomile Remedy :cautious:….she is a Holistic Vet, after all LOL. She said that the chamomile will help with the inflammation which, in turn, will help the baby teeth come out. I was told to follow up Monday. I can't imagine that this is going to work. I asked if we should just surgically pull the teeth out & she said that we're not at that point & to give the remedy a chance so....that's where we are.