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My cat chewed ..... Insert you answer here


Savannah Super Cat
freddy love the cornners of the laptop and the cardbord toilet paper rolls as well as the bottoms of pants when your sitting cross leged and his walking coat(he still isnt fond of it yet) cardbord boxes any paper or books he can get at and the zipper pulls on coats while your wear them or while they are off as well as the ties on your pants anything that dangles and my hands and arms and ponietail


Savannah Super Cat
Elastic hair bands and anything string-like :/
And cardboard...though he doesn't do the whole exploding box thing I've seen some of y'all's SVs do. :). When he was teething, wooden corners were fair game too...


Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Ziggy is definitely our chewer. His preferences include:

Apple cables and replacement apple cables (he has a special fondness for the new long braided apple cables I bought...).

Cardboard! Our house has an artificial snow field of cardboard chunks. But better cardboard than most anything else.

Jax. Our adorable mutt of a cat, who only occasionally yelps when he and Ziggy go at it.

Most worrisome I've found teeth marks on my Mac Mini power cord (Apple again!), so out came the split loom cord cover and bitter sprays. My cable management is looking downright professional!

So far wood objects have only suffered puncture wounds--no real mauling.


Site Supporter
Almost sounds like Chow if you say it fast.