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My Kitten Dangers Checklist

Yes, I always try to make sure that potential Savannah owners understand that they will be living with a perpetual two year old for the next 15 or so years, and they must be prepared to make that commitment.

Yes, perpetual two year olds, pefect description !! OH BUT how much fun life is when you have these guys around !!!


Savannah Kitten
This is a list I give to my kitten customers. They find it very helpful, and I am sure there are other things to add...feel free!

Kitten Danger Checklist

****(If it's not safe for a young child, it's not safe for your kitten)****

Chocolate of any kind (can be fatal if enough is ingested)
Many house plants (especially lilies, ivies, cactus)
Cigarettes (including butts, matches)
Bread wire twists ties/plastic fasteners
Hair ties/ponytail holders (can cause intestinal blockage if not passed; consult vet ASAP)
Rubber bands
Staples, paper clips, thumb tacks
Milk jug rings (choking hazard) and bottle caps
Thread, yarn, any string, dental floss (if ingested, do not pull out. Consult your vet)
Garlic, onion, salt, grapes, raisins, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea
Essential oils used as fragrance or air fresheners (can cause liver damage)
Cooked bones (can splinter easily and be swallowed)
Recliners (check to make sure kitty is not under chair or inside of it)
Plastic bags and paper bags with handles (cut the handles off and use with supervision)
Cleaning products and room fresheners (use sparingly, keep locked up, use child and pet safe products)
Medications including vitamins (human and pet meds)
Saran wrap and aluminum foil (choking hazard)
Electrical cords
Mini blind cords (strangling hazard)
Toilets (drowning danger)
Washers and dryers (check before each use)
Sewing needles and pins, buttons, etc
Cheaply made cat toys
Hot stoves and burners, wood stoves, refrigerators (check before closing door)
Candles left burning unattended
Very tall cat trees (attach firmly to wall or ceiling and use padding and/or carpet underneath)
Children's small toys (legos, lite-brite pegs, etc)
Great list!


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Thanks for this list! I think any new cat owner should read this list, and as a new Savannah owner (he'll be here in 5 days!) I'm really grateful for this.

Quick question, how do you guys normally deal with your power cords? I have an extension cord and some power cords in my lab/office, was wondering how I can keep the little dude safe from those? I saw someone mentioned tubing?


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I used something like this that I found in the plumbing section of Lowe's. It's cheaper than the electrical cord covers. 048643065185lg.jpg


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Hi guys! Quick question, I have a few auto air fresheners placed in the house. Both would be touch to knock out of their current spots.. and are covered in plastic. Would these be okay?



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