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My newest family member


Savannah Super Cat
Beautiful cat, congrats!
a word on the iPad: when I use it I show Savannahcatchat in a normal safari window, works fine!
Again, wonderful animal!
thank you, maybe I'll start using it on there. I just got use to using tapatalk so I could up.oad photos easier


Savannah Super Cat
We have decided on ascari :) I try and keep most of my pets named after cars. Except azul, since she was named when we got her and I didn't want to change it since she was over a year old

Woot that was my favorite after elise. :)

how's tigra doing with her now, still mad at her boyfriends.


Savannah Super Cat
She's better. She still has a few mood swings and will swat at ascari, but other times she will sit next to her. As for the boys she forgave them haha