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My Servo

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
My condolences for Servo. You did your best for him. He was lucky to have you as a pal.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for the condolences everybody. He was a good good boy. All he ever wanted to do was play play play.


Staff member
I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, Servo was a beautiful soul and clearly much loved.


Savannah Super Cat
He was 6 years and 6 weeks. Had a full physical just 6 months ago and was stamped with a clean bill of health. He used to ALWAYS jump up at my shoulders, push off, hit the floor and rattle his tail. That's how he got my attention (and he always wanted my attention). I came in from mowing the yard and was standing in the kitchen and he jumped and hit me sideways at my waist (like how pro football players do). I was like "Servo, what was that?" I immediately noticed a limp in his right leg. I thought he injured his surgery knee (luxated patella operation 5 years ago). 10 days, 3,500 dollars later in vet bills (not that the money even mattered), and I had to have him euthanized. Sad thing is that we finally got him to a specialist hospital in Charleston, SC and they got him well enough for us to bring him back home and get him on a medical regimen. That same night I stayed up very late researching any way possible to improve his prognosis. When I came downstairs to go to bed I heard a "thump" like he fell of the couch where he was sleeping. I went over to check him and he was dragging himself to me with both legs paralyzed. I picked him up and he lost his bladder on me. I immediately raced him to a 24 hr emergency clinic for euthanasia since the specialist warned me that if that were to occur it could be extremely painful for him, and that a large saddle clot would mean the battle was lost. That moment of seeing him drag himself toward me with a look of confusion was the worst moment of my life. And yes, I am crying as I type this. I completely loved and adored him.

You have my sincere sympathy. I lost my boy San (avatar pic) to cancer at age 7 last June 1st. Seeing him suffering was horribly heartwrenching. I wish you the best and hope you'll soon invite a new furry friend into your life. You can't replace Servo, but you can still share love. I learned this to be true for me last year and I am happier for it. I think when you are ready, it will be true for you as well.


Staff member
That is incredibly sad,.morbius :-( I am so is extremely painful to lose a best friend...your post made me cry as comfort is that he knew he was loved and you did the right thing by letting him go so he did not suffer.

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