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Well ve went to the cat ER tonight and he is going to stay the night.
He was cold and dehydrated. they are going to warm him up and also
rehydrate him. The bill is crazy.


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John Popp - any idea why Tetsu is cold? Rafiki never was thru her illness. I am wondering if this is another clue to what is wrong.


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From the Cornell site: Diagnosis and Treatment
The clinical signs associated with feline pancreatitis, says Dr. Goldstein, are quite nonspecific: inappetence and lethargy, for example. The standard diagnostic procedure will involve a medical history of the animal, a thorough physical examination, bloodwork and ultrasound. Radiography tends to be of little value, he notes, since pancreatic abnormalities—indeed, the organ itself—are not readily perceptible on x-rays. They are sometimes useful, however, in ruling out other disorders, such as an intestinal obstruction, which can have symptoms resembling those of pancreatitis. The only way a definitive diagnosis can be made is through a biopsy, he notes, but this involves a surgical or laproscopic procedure that may not be advisable for a seriously ailing, physically debilitated animal. appears that pancreatitis and intestinal obstructions presents the same way. Right about now, I am wishing that Sean would find a half toy. Surgery is expensive but produces quick, definitive results.


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Not finding destroyed toys that are missing parts.
The only thing was that half ear and that was
missing quite a long time before this episode. If it
were the issue is would not show up on an Xray do to
it being a biological item. I am still of the opinion that
Bella eat that herself.

But I'll go look around again.



Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Xrays can miss obstructions unless they are a barium swallow series of xrays... but I would be concerned about that possibility at this point...


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I have two ears hidden and I know both are still there.
I will take one in with me for then to look at. That way
they know what I am referring to.


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The vet said that she did not feel that the ear was the issue do to too many other
things being off of where they should be.

I liked the first Dr she was easy to deal with the one that was there
when I went back in was a jerk. She was some young pup that thinks
money grown on trees and acted like a used car salesman.
I think there is going to be a talk after I get Tetsu out of there about her.
I only hope that she is better with the critters than with the owners.
So on top of everything I am now very pissed off.

John Popp

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#30 appears that pancreatitis and intestinal obstructions presents the same way. Right about now, I am wishing that Sean would find a half toy. Surgery is expensive but produces quick, definitive results.
This is what my IM vet told me, unfortunately she wasn't around when the ER doctor pointed us in the wrong direction delaying Dooley's appropriate care by 4 days.

Even knowing what they are looking for can be tough if it's in the loops of the small intestines. The foreign object is also like covered in calcium deposits if it's been in his stomach for awhile with little resemblance to what went in.

On the ER vets demeanor, it's not worth chasing after, focus your attention on Tetsu.

Lastly, if you're given the option of scoping or surgery, know that you aren't going to see anything much beyond the stomach with the scope. It's more likely any obstruction is elsewhere and surgery is the best option.

As for being cold, Dooley was a little cold after getting fluids although never cold enough to be shivering.