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Peeing on everything


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Sorry about the hijack.
Does Anti Icky Poo work on things like pillows?

How are things working out with the issue you were having?


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Akila was peeing outside the box toast the suggestion of our vet I started spraying Feliway everywhere she liked to pee ( after cleaning with Anti Ickypoo). I spay it on the rug ever other day, and it seems to be helping. has Feliway spray and diffuser refills way cheaper than the pet stores.


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Is the stuff unscented or does it have that home air freshener stink to it?
The reason I ask is almost all of the air freshener leave me with a major headache.
At least a dirty cat box does not give me a headache. It does however make me clean it.

I forgot to ask does Anti Icky Poo have any masking scent in it or is it unscented?

EDIT : Found it. Anti Icky Poo comes both ways. Very good of them to also think about
people that have issues with scented things.
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I have to try and avoid most scented things. The AirWick stuff just having someone driving a spike into my head.
The headache is so bad.