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Pondering F2 or F6 kitten...


Staff member
I've had the pleasure of having my F2 Savannah (Mungus) for almost 7 yrs now and what a joy he has been!!
The breeder and online info scared us too about personality traits.
But I 'm sure just like domestic cats each one will have their own personalities. He is the only Savannah cat I have had so having had domestic cats my whole life - my F2 is like having a Cat-Dog

Here are a few fun personality traits our F2 has....
He carries/drags large items around the house daily- blankets/comforters/stuffed animals/pillows/ coats/clothing -
He chews on rugs/boxes & shoes - loves squeaky "dog" toys but his fangs pop the squeaker right away
He has never begged for food while we eat or cook - one thing we were fearful of
He can open one of the kitchen cabinet doors and I often find frying pans in new locations when the duck tape doesn't hold
He has never turned on the faucet - but likes to play in water -Splashes and knocks it over or I find toys in his water bowl almost everyday
He gets along very well with our other short hair domestic cat Rascal
He's always gentle when playing -hands/fingers/toes - doesn't bite down hard or scratch - only one time did he accidentally nip me when he was after a toy (didn't even break skin) and he cried as to say I'm sorry
He does follow me around the house constantly if I'm home doing a project - laundry usually - loves the basket
He loves to go outside - loves it - he will beg to go out at the door daily
He formed a close bond with me and my husband (more w/me yeah!) but he is not very welcoming to strangers - even growls when doorbell rings ? dog?- he has never hurt anyone but growls /hissing - he's all talk
He is almost impossible to take to the Vet (and even the sound of the cat carrier - he's gone!)
He is extremely strong and can't be held down for nail trimming or meds
He is lovable in his own way- you can't hold him - he is not a lap cat but loves headbutts/ rubbing up on your leg and purrs loudly when I rub his face and nose - his fur on his back and tail always puff out when he's happy and he does what I call "the pee pee dance" lifting up his front legs back and forth

I sit here in tears typing this because he is not well these days and I can't imagine life without him!!!
But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! So which ever one you get I'm sure they will steal your heart!!
What a wonderful description of your F2! He sounds so awesome! You say he isn't well? Would you mind sharing what is wrong, so perhaps we can help you?

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Cathy Muela

Savannah Super Cat
Yes the info is on another thread - I don't want to interrupt this one but would be grateful for everyone's input on the other thread!! I will say he is having a really good day today!!! Happy Mom!


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I like the magnetic locks - reminds me of magnetic baby locks you can get for doors and drawers, with these you have to use a 'key' to open them.


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My F2's are incredible. Though most definitely not a lap cat, they do love leg and body butts, love to hide under the covers, and will allow a 15 second cradle love before remembering they are F2's and demand release. Sometimes though they furget they are F2's and will take the cradle love fur a minute and a half, then it's roll with the squirm and get a few more kisses, before they are released.

I imagine in the next two years, they will succumb to laps and cuddles. My F3 boy, after 4 years of not wanting love, has become a most demanding attention getter. :roflmao: When Sampson wants attention, well, you best give it to him. :)

My F3 girl, is my most common companion.!!! she is always near by, often on my shoulder or cuddled into my arm and chest. She is the ultimate lap/cuddle cat, on this planet we call Earth. :roflmao: Whereever I go, she comes with me. Have smuggled Spontaneity into more hotels than I can count.

All I know fur sure, is whenever I Come home, my fur babies are always there demanding some loving.


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Thanks all for the replies. I'm looking forward to the day when I pick up the kitten.

Cathy - hope your cat is doing better now. I've been following your thread elsewhere on this forum.

I'd like to solicit your opinions on the following names (have narrowed to three):


Also, I've bought Go Cat Wheel and have assembled it. Jake doesn't seem to be interested in it even when I dangled his favorite toy inside the wheel. Maybe the kitten will teach him how to use it. :)

I will be picking up the kitten in exact 3 weeks and will of course share pictures!