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Raw Diet / Canned Foods / Dry Food Combinations?


Staff member
ok so although i bought the expensive eikanuba dry food i should still scrap it? and as far as where i go to get the meat i m guessing just hit up petsmart? i noticed that he didnt enjoy his canned food that the breeder sent home with me...he actually barely ate any of it, he eats a cup a day of dry food tho...but if its bad for him or will affect his growth then im def taking him off it! just a newbie savannah owner and wanna make sure im doing everything right!
I would not consider Eukanuba a high quality food - anything that has by-products, corn meal and corn grits as its 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ingredients I just don't consider healthy.


Savannah Super Cat
It's amazing how well these "junk" foods like Eukanuba are advertised, and the uneducated trusting pet owner buys them and wonders why their beloved Fluffy dies from kidney failure at 10. They think well, he had a long life, not knowing a healthy indoor cat can live twice that. So very sad.


Savannah Super Cat
man thats crazy!...well im glad i asked then because ive only fed the food to gahnja for a week "thats all ive had him" i dont think any harm was done it just might be a few days of him being grumpy as i try to ween him off his junk food binge hah


and his servant, Paul
Even if PetsMart is all you've got in the area, they do have a couple of good dry foods like Blue Buffalo Wilderness. I can't vouch for their wet (I get one they don't carry), but I will agree with Jacq - it's crazy how well some of these foods get advertised. Take Science Diet for example - I wouldn't feed it to my cats if you paid me. Yet it's one of the most expensive foods you can get.

Look for grain-free foods. And as others have suggested, if he's not drinking a ton of water (my Nitro easily consumes nearly 2 c a day!) make sure he's getting his wet or raw food.