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Rehome or No? What's best for Nala?


Staff member
My second main concern really is more of how would she be as a traveling companion. Going traveling for a few months out of the year and having to remain in the camper for the most part except when I would be able to walk her on a leash or us having a 'cattery' if you will on the side of the camper so she can enjoy the outdoors a bit.
She may adapt, she may not. You have to get her gradually used to being in the camper. You can't just dump her in there and take off on a trip. Start slow. Long before you take your first trip, let her explore the camper and when she's used to it, let her sleep in there overnight. Make sure you have her litter box in there as well as her toys. When she's used to being in it when it's not moving, go for short drives around the block. When she's used to those, take some longer drives. By the end of that, you'll have some indication of whether or not she'll do ok on your long trips.

Eixi Olive

My main concern is basically yes, the nipping etc ... she seems to do it even after a play session as if to make one last 'huff' if you will, like maybe she didn't feel she 'got the best of me' and that's how she's going to do it. Other times, it will be after a relief of potty and she's wired and running through the house and she lands on the rug and just needs to 'get her last bit of juice out' so she nips at the edges for a second.
When I have play time with Olive, or should I say she has play time with me. There is a specific routine we follow. 1: Play (you have the toy that she thinks is prey) 2: Let her have the toy. We do these 2 steps many times until she’s worn out and I’m ready for the play session to be over. Then I feed her and direct her attention immediately to her food or a treat. If you could put yourself in her shoes imagine working so hard to catch the prey and never catching it or getting to eat after. Maybe she’s a bit frustrated that the act isn’t finished so she doesn’t understand to stop playing? It might be worth a shot next play session. If you can avoid rehoming her. Also we’ve been doing casual car trips to get coffee in the drive through or a quick errand so she’s used to the car gradually over time to associate the act with a positive experience.