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  1. Jujubean23

    Excited to Share The Savannah Adventure With You All!!

    Hello everyone! I am so excited that I was accepted into this great community! I just want to introduce myself and tell you a little about my baby Nala an F2 savannah. Before I get into her I want to share that I used to have an F3 boy named Simba but he recently died from FIP. I tried to fight...
  2. S

    Toys in water bowl?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone else’s cat put heir toys in their water bowl? For the past 3 mornings straight, Nova has been taking one of his stuffed toys, dropping it in his water bowl, then bringing it on to the bed and placing it beside me. I’ve been waking up beside A soaking wet toy duck...
  3. N

    Rehome or No? What's best for Nala?

    I have a 2 year old sweetest girl ever, beautiful loving Savannah and I am so torn. I love her so much but I want to do what is right for her and her to be happy. She started this nipping, biting at the rugs, biting at the bedspreads, the couch, etc... she had TONS of toys, interactive ones...
  4. S

    Nova Vs. Toy stuffed leopard

    Our F3 has made it very clear that he can make a play toy out of anything. One of those things is a stuffed Snow leopard squeaky toy. Nova has that killer instinct! (I apologize for the curse words at the beginning of the video. The camera was not focusing)
  5. S

    Super Nova is here!

    Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce Nova, or as we call him Super Nova! He is a 14 week old F3. Even though we’ve only had him for a month so far, we love him very much. He’s such a character, everything about him. He knows his name and answers to it with a long meow, makes cute squeaking...