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UPDATE: I spoke with Diane yesterday after she saw my post. I was hoping that she would come on the forum and give an update after our talk, but I believe she feels that she is better off not posting anything as communicating one's thoughts accurately can sometimes be difficult when emotions are involved. I don't care to discuss anyone's personal business without their permission, so I will keep details to a minimum.

As many of us were concerned about the older cats being rehomed or surrendered, Diane has assured me that her and her husband agree that all of the cats will be staying with them indefinitely, and there will not be any rehoming or surrendering any cats. The only reason she said something about not keeping all of the cats is that she was under a lot of stress and concern after receiving unexpected news of a potential major financial crisis that looked like there was a decent likelihood that it would occur and would cause a very significant hardship, and she panicked. I can understand how she felt- I have not just had the threat of hardship, but had sudden financial hardship in the form of unexpectedly losing my job during a time when the unemployment was at a record high. I worried about not being able to stay in my home and worrying about what I will do with all of my animals if I have to live in an apartment knowing there is no way anyone would allow me to have 4 cats and 10 dogs in a rental, so I also started thinking about rehoming and preparing myself for what I might have to do. Lucky for me, I have a lot of friends who offered to take in my animals and care for them until I got back on my feet, but I realize that not everyone is so lucky. It's easy to say you'd never rehome your animals, you'd be homeless and keep them rather than have to give them up, but in my case, as a single mother, that wasn't an option- my children had to be my first priority. Thankfully, things didn't get to that point, but worrying about whether you will have a roof over your head can make you start to think about having to make some awful decisions.

Anyway, I'm not here to make excuses, but I do believe that some people do get very emotional and aren't equipped to handle stress as well and may say things that they don't mean, and I try very hard to be empathetic. I'm sure we are all guilty of not communicating well when we are upset. I know that I am not the best at expressing myself in a coherent, rational and organized manner when I am upset or deeply worried about something.

Diane apologized for everything that was said, and I forgave her as I truly believe that she didn't have any ill intent. Her and her husband both love all of the cats and are committed to keeping them for the rest of their lives. She invited me to come to her home and visit her and see how well the cats are kept and how devoted they are to their cats. I told her I will be happy to come visit the next time I will be in her area.

Zoen was neutered on Monday and is doing well after the surgery. He is a big boy at just shy of 10 lbs at just under 7 months of age. He is a joy to Diane and her husband, and such a sweet, affectionate and outgoing cat. Of course as a large playful kitten, the older cats don't exactly appreciate his high energy and his constant attempts to get them to be his playmate, but they have figured out how to let him know that they want to be left alone and they are slowly getting things sorted out.

So this story has a happy ending after all. I will be keeping in close contact with Diane to make sure everything continues to go smoothly. She also now knows that if a major crisis would ever occur, I will always assist her with Zoen as well as her other cats in any way I possibly can, just as I would for any of my kitten (or puppy) buyers.

I am hopeful that we can all move past this now. As they say, all is well that ends well.

Diane actually did give an update above after she spoke to you. I'm glad all is straightened out and my hope is that the future is bright for all involved.

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Karen, I'm glad you and Diane were able to work everything out, and most importantly that Zoen has been neutered, and all the cats are secure in a loving home.