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savannah cat adult size??



My F1 is 25lbs. His diet consists of high protein kibble and raw meat. He has the possibility of getting in the 30lbs range if my co-workers would stop rolling the ball up and down the hallway and ease up on the feather toy.


Savannah Super Cat
F2 Savannah cat that has prices?? We want a really Savannah but we are not rich and I have to deal with the business side ...



  • F1 $12,000-$22,000
  • F2 $9,000-$16,000
  • F3 $3,500-$6,000
  • F4 $1,200-$3,000
  • F5 $1,200-$9,000
  • SBT $1,200-$9,000

  • F1 $12,000-$35,000
  • F2 $9,000-$16,000
  • F3 $3,500-$6,000
  • F4 $1,200-$4,500
  • F5 $1,200-$3,800
  • SBT $1,200-$3,800
i got my little goblin from a1 savannahs...heres the pricing for their website​


Savannah Super Cat
Well A1 Savannahs is very well known and popular because of the huge friendly F1 cats that came form them and have been posted all over youtube. Because of this i think there prices are higher than most breeders. the f3 im getting is 1k less than the minimum for an f3 with A1. From looking around and seeing prices from a lot of breeders id say an f3 generally goes for 2k - 4k.


Savannah Child
Thanks to all of you are very polite, do gold everything I say and slowly learn physical characteristics and character of Savannah, and the prices ...


Savannah Super Cat
A1's prices are higher on some cats. Others are quite within range of others, and sometimes less. They have spent a lot on marketing etc and they do have a huge inventory due to the amount of cats they have breeding so they can can be more accommodating in some cases. If I wanted a such and such color of such and such generation within a time frame, then they will likely have it or have it soon I can imagine.