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Savannah Cat Eyes


Staff member
I am curious. When checking out a kitten with thoughts of taking it home, can one tell at that age (is it 10-12 weeks?) if their eyes are the desired shape? Of course, when I get to buy a Savannah, I will surely buy the one I fall in love with regardless of eyes tri big grin: but just curious.

I think you would have a pretty good idea, Evelyn!!!

Trish Allearz

looks like eyes too round maybe from the camera???
I am positive that's why we are getting round eyes from that picture- that is George, the F1 kitten, right?

But that shows how hard it can be to judge eyes. Cat opens their eyes too wide because they are nervous or scared- you get round eyes. Cat squints for some reason- ruins the eye shape.


Great thread, very educational. How do Kronos' eyes compare against the standard?

First is as a kitten, rest are more recent.


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looks like eyes too round maybe from the camera???

Angles of photos can be deceiving. Look at this pic of Kronos' eyes... they look way off standard!


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