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Savannah Weights

John Popp

Site Supporter
She was playing supervisor when I took this one. I really like the color of her eyes.

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When I see her with the ears down like that I always think of "The Flying Nun".
Bella's ears and eyes look much like our boy Dooley. When Dooley flattens out his ears like this they somewhat collapse under their own weight. You can kind of see the same with Bella's left ear which makes them look like a floppy-eared forever kitten.


Savannah Super Cat
An update on our Savannah girls! They are now 1 year 8 months young and adorable, darling, ornery , sneaky, sweet and lovely girls! :love:
Poppy is the more dominant girl but Jasmine can get her way when she wants. They are both very Smart! Very Sweet!

We are so Loving them both. Which goes without saying :giggle:
We just got a new scale—Poppy weighs 14.2 pounds and Jasmine weighs 13.2 pounds! Both are womb mates and are F3s. Poppy is 20-21” nape of neck to base of tail; Jasmine is around 18”. Here is a recent picture. Love 2


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I think it was John Popp that had it or it could of been someone else.
But I think the first time I happened to see it was more than a few years ago.

I think this was what your looking for. Just change Cats to Savannahs.

Cat quote.jpg


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I just went in the opposite direction, just adopted a Teacup kitten, named Dragon Heart. He weighs only 5 lbs and will get no bigger. going to pick him up tomorrow.
He looks like a kitten with a fuzzy coat. Very cute. Watch he turns into the alpha cat in the house.